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Ribbon foam

This material is manufactured by a process of the recovery of different polyurethane materials, has the characteristic of high hardness and strength.

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Wedge style Pillows

It provides a healthy and comfortable sleep. Designed for patients with acid reflux, breathing problems, poor circulation, hiatal hernia, back or neck problems. With this pillow there will be no need of using  multiple pillows. Physical recovery after surgery. Avoid painful knees and legs.

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Triple futon mattresses

Our folding triple futon mattresses, are great for guests and bedrooms for children. They are easy to store under the bed or in a closet. The mat is 3.5 " thick.

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Orthopedic pillows

Ergonomic form that provides the ultimate feeling of comfort. The anatomical pillow support enables the correct  cervical position. Many sizes available.

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